TroutRoutes would not be possible without the use both proprietary and publicly-available geospatial datasets. Below is a summary of some of the key sources of data that makes TroutRoutes possible. This list will be updated as more states become available.


TroutSpotr is a website developed by Stu Anderson out of Minnesota. TroutSpotr’s mission is to provide anglers a tool to make safe and legal decisions when exploring trout streams in the United States. TroutSpotr has two parts, both of which are publicly available under specific open-source licenses; the website (front end) and the database (back end). The backend database of TroutSpotr is covered under a slightly modified version of the MIT license at the Github site below.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources:

Minnesota DNR has a wide range of public datasets available for download, ranging from county forests to MN trout streams. These datasets are all available on the MN GIS repository at the link below.


OpenStreetMaps is a collaborative open-source mapping project with the primary objective of creating a publicly available comprehensive global map database. You can download specific query datasets via many methods. The map homepage is at the link below.